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Check Test training with Sarah

Had a letter inviting you to attend an ADI Standards Check? Sarah has helped hundreds of ADIs to achieve a good Check Test or Standards Check result. Whether it is your first Standards Check or you want to improve your current grade Sarah at Drivewell Driving Academy would love to hear from you. Sarah recently achieved a Grade A on her Standards Check so is aware of what is expected.

What I do:-

  • Discuss your objectives

  • Information of the Conduct of the Check Test

  • Explanation of the Check Test marking sheet

  • Training tailored to your requirements

  • Lesson observations with you conducting a lesson with your pupil

  • Role play

  • One-to-one tuition practical coaching where necessary

  • Action plan following any training session

    So if you are keen to ensure you have a good result don´t delay - Contact Sarah with your requirements

    Business Development

    Need help with improving your business or some business support?

    I coach and help ADIs to improve their business

    Contact Sarah for a no obligation chat

    Is your Standards Check due?
2 hr Advanced training
• Refresher lessons

• Motorway tuition

• Pass Plus also available

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