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Qualified Drivers

You have passed your test and are keen to improve your knowledge, skills and confidence. Taking an Advanced Driving Course will improve your ability and awareness and can often reduce your insurance premiums and vehicle maintenance costs.

Motorway tuition

As a newly qualified driver you have little or no experience of high volumes of fast moving traffic. Motorway driving can appear rather daunting to some of you and even frightening. Taking one or more motorway lessons can be very benefecial.

Benefits of motorway tuition

  • Increase your confidence in driving on motorways

  • To make you a safer motorway driver

  • Improve knowledge of the different rules, regulations and signage

Refresher courses

Alternatively refresher lessons may be what you are looking for

Reasons to refresh

  • Haven´t driven much since passing test

  • Had a break from driving

  • Want to improve your confidence

  • Keen to develop your driving skills

  • Improve night driving

  • New career with more driving

  • Difficulty parking

  • Been driving abroad

Eco-driver training

  • Reduces fuel consumption

  • Enhanced hazard perception and awareness skills

  • Reducing emission and noise input

  • Less wear and tear on the car

  • Reducing servicing costs

  • A smoother drive alleviates stress and helps traffic flow

  • And much much more

Female driving instructors | lessons in CardiffAdvanced driving tuition

Please contact us for information on the above

Good luck for "safe driving for life"

2 hr Advanced training
• Refresher lessons

• Motorway tuition

• Pass Plus also available

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